KBL is one of the pioneers in manufacturing various types of valves in India。 It is the first Pump & Valve manufacturer in India to be accredited with ISO-9001 Quality Management System。 In addition, KBL is also accredited with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OSHAS 18001, Health and Safety Management system, ISO 50001 Energy management system certification by BUREAU VERITAS。

The Valve Sector at KBL carries out research for providing effective fluid handling solutions, achieving technological breakthrough using advanced computational and experimental techniques and developing reliable products. This ensures that the KBL Valve design is rigid & sturdy with lowest life cycle cost and low maintenance. Over the last six decades, the valve performance is well known and established.

KBL valves are suitable for various applications like water, waste water, raw water, steam, oil & gas, processed liquids and slurries。 Our valve size range is from 25mm to 5000mm in various design standards and material constructions as per customer need/specifications。


Butterfly / Pump Discharge Valve
Wafer and Lugged
彩库宝典Rising Spindle Gate Valve
Sluice Valve
Non Rising Spindle Gate
Double Flanged Butterfly Valve
Resilient Seated Gate Valves
Non Return Valve
Swing Check Type Reflux Valve
Tri-Eccentric Type Non Return Valve
Dual Plate Check Valve Water check valves
Water check valves
Check Valve
Cast Steel Check Valve
Air Valve FSGGC
Forged Steel Gate, Globe, Check Valve
Ball Valve
Ball Valve
Steam Trap
彩库宝典Steam Trap Device
Triple duty valve
Triple duty valve
Suction diffuser
Suction diffuser
Globe Valve
Cast Steel Globe Valve
Knife Gate Valve
FM-Gate Valves
彩库宝典 FM Approved Gate Valve
UL-Gate Valves Kinetic Air Valve
Tamper Proof Kinetic Air Valve
Kinetic Air Valve as per AWWA Standard
Conventional Kinetic Air Valve
Single Air Valve Foot Valve
Foot Valve
Gate Valve
Cast Steel Gate Valve

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